The Legal Vision for Expo 2020 Dubai

The UAE legislator in the Emirate of Dubai has successfully issued Decree No. 49/2013 concerning the establishment of the Preparatory Committee for the Dubai International Expo 2020. Additionally,  Decree No. 30/2014 which establishes the Dubai Expo 2020 office and specified the terms of reference in accordance with Article 5 of Decree No. 30/2014, which demonstrates the role of the Dubai Expo 2020 Office. The authority of the office embarks with a general policy, strategy and development. Additionally, the operational goals such as setting initiatives, programmes and proposing regulations relevant to financial and administrative matters.   

However, despite the immense momentum established by Dubai Expo 2020, especially as a result of the expected number of attendees, over 200 countries participating in the Expo for six consecutive months, would mean an urgent legal vision must be composed. This vision targets the requirements of resolving disputes that may arise in various contracts and the applicable law that would find a resolution. 

The variety of disputes that can possibly arise between contractors could be that the implementation or interpretation of the contracts may differ. This would be inevitable as a result of the multinational nature of Dubai Expo 2020. As a result, the various differing legal cultures entering Dubai during this period, a solution on how to achieve a respectable balance between the states should be discovered. Thus, have the concerned authorities prepared to establish a specialised department to handle these matters within civil, commercial and even criminal courts ensuring a speedy resolution of disputes? Will these matters follow the ordinary judicial process or will concerned parties resort to mediate to resolve disputes? 

As such, we see the rapid establishment of specialised departments within the civil and commercial courts. These departments have the primary task of quickly settling disputes amongst the contracting parties involved. The law sector in Dubai should extend its legal capabilities and prepare to use this momentum in order to provide the necessary and immediate legal services that facilitate resolutions of any disputes that should arise whilst also providing both parties with representation and great legal opinions. This shall also provide supervision of all contractors in order to simplify the litigation process and firstly attempt to employ amicable solutions for resolving disputes. Should these friendly methods fail, the solution is already discovered. 

Bin Meshar & Co.