Inheritance between spouses of different faiths

The term “inheritance” refers to any monetary worth that the departed leaves for his heirs, including any income or real properties. The majority of Arab laws contain provisions addressing the issue of religious differences between the bequeathed and the heir in all situations where the bequeathed and the heir’s religion are dissimilar, whether it relates to […]

Civil Liability

The question of liability particularly around property and contracts is often at the centre of legal disputes. In this case study, we will define the elements of civil liability in the context of a fire at a commercial warehouse. Confusion often arises between the two parts of civil liability – contract and tort. Let us […]

Bi-Annual Emiratisation Targets

The UAE government has recently announced new six-monthly targets for private sector companies to increase the number of UAE national employees in their workforce by 1%. This policy, known as Emiratisation, aims to boost the presence of local citizens in the private sector and support their integration into the workforce. Companies with at least 50 […]

MOHRE To Launch Unemployment Insurance Scheme in 2023

MOHRE To Launch Unemployment Insurance Scheme in 2023 On 15 September 2022 the UAE government issued a Federal Degree Law No. 13 of 2022 concerning Unemployment Insurance (“the Law”), which came into force on 29 September 2022 and applied to all workers (UAE National and Expats) in the private sector and the Federal government sector in […]

UAE to enforce UK court rulings

In a move that takes a huge step forward in fostering cooperation between the UAE and English legal systems, courts in UAE have been granted the power to enforce judgements given in civil and financial cases in England and Wales. Judge Abdul Rahman Murad Al Bloushi from the International Corporation Department at the Ministry of […]